About Simin Seifzadeh 

Simin Seifzadeh has over 10 years of experience working as a consultant offering advisory services to external clients as well as being part of an internal consulting team of a major international business conglomerate.

Simin has worked on projects in fields such as corporate strategy, marketing, business excellence, process improvement, performance management, business plans, customer service, communication and public relations, operations, change management, sustainability, supply chain management and logistics.

Having lived and worked in four countries across the Middle East, Europe and North America, she has a true international mindset and is sensitive to cultural difference. She has been a target of a leadership development program with approximately 500 participants representing 80 countries.

Over years, Simin has developed a deep understanding of business challenges through working on projects in various industries such as shipping and transportation, information management, finance and banking, education and public sector, hospitality, fitness, food and retail.

Simin holds a BSc in computer software engineering, Master of Business Administration (MBA) and is green belt certified in Lean and Six Sigma from PMI International.